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Wickham Wickedness: The Best Worst Wickhams from “Pride and Prejudice” Adaptations

We all have a favorite Mr. Darcy. But do you have a favorite Mr. Wickham? Read on to discover Adapt That's #1 Wickham out of eight "Pride and Prejudice" adaptations...

Hey, Shrek! You’re an All-Star.

I hope y'all know about the picture book...

And the Adapt That Tony Award Goes to…

Could it be that the wrong show won Best Musical at the Tony Awards?

Gazing “North & South”: Adapting Gaskell’s Novels with ‘Male Gaze’

Do you ever sit around and ponder the origins of movies? Or obsess over John Thornton's (played by Richard Armitage) eyes in the 2004 BBC adaptation of Gaskell's North & South? Nope? That's just me? Well, you better abandon this post... Continue Reading →

What does it take to make a great fairy tale?

Where have all the regular, true-love's-kiss, kill-the-witch conte de fées gone?

A Chat about The City of Ember: YA Dystopian Stepping Stone

A mega book fan and a first-time viewer sit down to watch the City of Ember.

Dear Netflix’s ‘Anne with an E’: Be a Kindred Spirit

After the PBS adaptation last fall, will you be streaming "Anne with an E" tonight on Netflix?

Doomed from Conception: The Book Thief

Sometimes a book's got to be a book.

Tales of Two Movies: Clever or Costly?

Who wins when a book gets more screen time? The movie producers who are making the adaptation or the audiences who watch them?

Adapting “The Amazing True Story” When it’s Too Good to be True

Even when it's faithful to the source material?

Dreaming of Reality: Hulu’s Adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale

First published in 1986, the dystopian fiction novel filled readers with terror at the thought of such a reality. Now it's coming to life on your television screen.

Don’t do it anymore, Hollywood! (A Meager Plea From Me)

You've done it! You're a Hollywood darling off to make your next big picture, you found a story you love, and you did your Googling. Nobody has bought the rights to make a film yet! Hooray! The world is your oyster. Hold your horses there, bub.

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