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Battle of the Bad: Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist vs. The Last Airbender

Look. These are both bad movies.  But one of them knows it's bad. 

Miraculous Matilda: the Best of Both Worlds

Did you think Matilda the Musical was at the same low bar as Disney on Broadway? Think again.

Star Wars the Legend: How Fans Create a New Galaxy of Adaptation

Could headcanons become...real?

The REAL Story of Ferdinand

Movie Mondays is back! In very cranky fashion.

The Author-God: a Magic Tree House Movie and Creator Involvement

Are creators absolved of all wrongdoing if they adapt their own work?

The Exodus Approach: How can you adapt a religious text?

What was Moses' life like in between infancy and oh, that time he killed someone? How does that idea influence an interpretation of the Biblical book of Exodus?

Hey, Shrek! You’re an All-Star.

I hope y'all know about the picture book...

What does it take to make a great fairy tale?

Where have all the regular, true-love's-kiss, kill-the-witch conte de fées gone?

A Chat about The City of Ember: YA Dystopian Stepping Stone

A mega book fan and a first-time viewer sit down to watch the City of Ember.

Doomed from Conception: The Book Thief

Sometimes a book's got to be a book.

Adapting “The Amazing True Story” When it’s Too Good to be True

Even when it's faithful to the source material?

Don’t do it anymore, Hollywood! (A Meager Plea From Me)

You've done it! You're a Hollywood darling off to make your next big picture, you found a story you love, and you did your Googling. Nobody has bought the rights to make a film yet! Hooray! The world is your oyster. Hold your horses there, bub.

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