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Hey, Shrek! You’re an All-Star.

I hope y'all know about the picture book...

What does it take to make a great fairy tale?

Where have all the regular, true-love's-kiss, kill-the-witch conte de fées gone?

A Chat about The City of Ember: YA Dystopian Stepping Stone

A mega book fan and a first-time viewer sit down to watch the City of Ember.

Doomed from Conception: The Book Thief

Sometimes a book's got to be a book.

Adapting “The Amazing True Story” When it’s Too Good to be True

Even when it's faithful to the source material?

Don’t do it anymore, Hollywood! (A Meager Plea From Me)

You've done it! You're a Hollywood darling off to make your next big picture, you found a story you love, and you did your Googling. Nobody has bought the rights to make a film yet! Hooray! The world is your oyster. Hold your horses there, bub.

Percy Fawcett and the Striking Belief (in The Lost City of Z)

In 1929, Percival Fawcett, his son, and their friend journeyed deep into the Amazonian jungle to locate a hidden civilization. They never returned.

“It’s the Quenchiest!” How Avatar: The Last Airbender was Reincarnated into Comics

Not so long ago, a question unanswered left the TV world in disharmony. Then, everything changed with the comics' imapct.

Anastasia: The Musical You’ve Always Wanted

At last, a stage musical that knows what to change to fit the new venue.

Why To Kill a Mockingbird Would Suck in Color

Could a remake ever happen?

Did you know they’re making a live-action Beauty and the Beast? Oh, you did.

Some musings and predictions for the highly, highly anticipated Disney remake.

Best Character Additions to Adaptations

It's time to acknowledge some great adaptation innovations.

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