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A Michigan dairy-farm gal living for eternity as a public librarian, avid reader, wanna-be writer, and never-ending learner.

BBC-PBS “Little Women” Adaptation Found the Key to Unlock Alcott’s ‘Castle in the Air’

Is the BBC-PBS adaptation of Alcott's "Little Women" the best one yet?

The Child in Time: Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Career-Changing Decision

Benedict Cumberbatch is changing his career-track! Have you heard the latest?

Adapting ‘Murder’: A Ride Worth Making

Is a new iteration of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express as unnecessary as some critics seem to think?

Will the Brits Help PBS Do It Better? Anticipating the New “Little Women”

PBS is partnering with BBC to make a new adaptation of Little Women! Will this new attempt at a classic adaptation be more successful than their attempt at Anne of Green Gables? Adapt That reflects on the situation.

Wickham Wickedness: The Best Worst Wickhams from “Pride and Prejudice” Adaptations

We all have a favorite Mr. Darcy. But do you have a favorite Mr. Wickham? Read on to discover Adapt That's #1 Wickham out of eight "Pride and Prejudice" adaptations...

And the Adapt That Tony Award Goes to…

Could it be that the wrong show won Best Musical at the Tony Awards?

Gazing “North & South”: Adapting Gaskell’s Novels with ‘Male Gaze’

Do you ever sit around and ponder the origins of movies? Or obsess over John Thornton's (played by Richard Armitage) eyes in the 2004 BBC adaptation of Gaskell's North & South? Nope? That's just me? Well, you better abandon this post... Continue Reading →

Dear Netflix’s ‘Anne with an E’: Be a Kindred Spirit

After the PBS adaptation last fall, will you be streaming "Anne with an E" tonight on Netflix?

Dreaming of Reality: Hulu’s Adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale

First published in 1986, the dystopian fiction novel filled readers with terror at the thought of such a reality. Now it's coming to life on your television screen.

Inside Outlander: Did the graphic novel make way for the popular Starz show?

Where did the extremely popular TV series of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" get its subtle bite of humor? Perhaps from her graphic novel adaptation "The Exile."

Adapting for a Particular Audience: Creating Art or Losing Integrity?

Did highlighting the action destroy all of the adaptation potential of Focus Features film "The Eagle?"

‘Life appears to me too short to be spent’ Reading Classics: A Casual Case Study Involving Jane Eyre

Manga, comics, graphic novels, board books... Are traditional classics still classic in alternative mediums?

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