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Half-Hiatus Notice

Greetings all, You may have noticed a sudden drop in content on our humble blog. After great consideration, Adapt That has decided that, due to the recent swinging of fortunes in our lives, we will be unable to continue writing... Continue Reading →

Tales of Two Movies: Clever or Costly?

Who wins when a book gets more screen time? The movie producers who are making the adaptation or the audiences who watch them?

Not to Be Outdone, Sullivan Entertainment to Film Another “Anne”

After the PBS special, Sullivan claims the only people who can adapt Montgomery correctly are Canadians.

Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema to Film New Farmer Giles of Ham Trilogy 

"J. R. Return to Tolkien's world with hero Farmer Giles in an epic fantasy adventure that will leave you wondering if Helm's Deep was merely a high school hockey match."

A Gamer’s Perspective: Assassin’s Creed

Get the inside scoop of Assassin's Creed the Movie from someone who knows the details of Assassin's Creed the Game! Will the movie live up to the same standard?

How to Read Adapt That

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