Now that PBS and Netflix have their own adaptations of “Anne of Green Gables,” Sullivan Entertainment has decided to protect their investment in the Anne industry and film another adaptation of L. M. Montgomery’s classic tale of a red-headed orphan.

Kevin Sullivan explains, “We believe only Sullivan Entertainment can produce the best Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery was, after all, Canadian. It’s best to keep it in the family.”

The Thanksgiving-ready PBS adaptation was met with a lackluster response from Montgomery readers last fall, and some are already bemoaning the inconsistencies from the text revealed in the Netflix trailer for the series set to stream this summer.

Was there a slate shortage last year?! Why a book?

Sullivan Entertainment plans to right these adaptive wrongs by bringing in the only actors Montgomery fans will trust. That’s right: Megan Follows and her kids!

Sullivan comments, “Megan was the one and only best Anne, so the only person who could do the role justice is her own daughter, Lyle Anne. Megan will play Marilla in the new series. She’s already proven she can handle the mature role with her complicated performance in Reign.”


There’s a strong rumor that Follows only agreed to take the role if her son, Russell, could also play Gilbert. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the Porter siblings are 100% Canadian.

Filming is set to begin as soon as it is known how badly the Netflix series destroyed L.M. Montgomery in the minds of the American populace.

This satirical post was written to amuse the masses on April 1, 2017. None of the information conveyed here is accurate.