Adapt That is pleased to welcome guest writer Kyle H. for our Movie Monday post on Assassin’s Creed. Kyle is a member of the Michigan Army National Guard and an avid video gamer in his spare time. 

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Assassin’s Creed is one of those games you just gotta play.

It has a layered story, humor, and some pretty cool moves you can use to kill off all of the bad guys. That power combination makes for rather engaging game play, and my game experience throughout the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles probably taught me more about European history than my high school teacher.

The future premise of genetic memory was sweet too. Wonder what my ancestors have buried in their pasts…

So, I’m expecting the same entertainment value when Assassin’s Creed makes it to the silver screen. But I’m kinda skeptical it will be able to live up to same standard.

Much of the marketing is very similar to the game advertisements and aimed at getting gamers through theater doors. 

What They Will Do

You’re going to hate the bad guy.

One thing the Assassin’s Creed franchise does quite well is develop players hatred for the main bad guy. Sure the flips, jumps, and creative kills are fun on there own, but without a driving force the story would just flop. Literally.

Ubisoft is a smart company. I mean, hey, they’re the brains behind games like Watch Dogs, Prince of Persia, and the Tom Clancy series. The creators will stick to what made the video game unique: Providing audiences with a spin on the original story and great character development to keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie may remind you of a the game, but the lack of personal control will cause you to leave the theater loathing the bad guys guts.

Just remember not to jab any innocent bystanders on the way out.

What They Won’t Do


Assassin’s Creed: the Movie is not going be a “males only” club.


Yeah, Michael Fassbender is getting all of the press as the primary actor and producer, but, after the media storm regarding the lack of female characters in Assassin’s Creed:Unity, Ubisoft Films is probably going to highlight some female assassins to prevent further sexist accusations.

I also don’t think they’re going to make this movie into a fantasy. Some of the more outrageous game moves–jumping from a steeple tower into a cart of hay unscathed– are probably going to be made more realistic. Or at least, provide some really cool camera angles.

What They Should Do

Honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to be buying my ticket and popcorn unless I hear of surprising plot twist.


As someone who’s played the games a couple of times, I find it odd to pay for a ticket when I can experience the adventure of Assassin’s Creed anytime from the comfort of my own chair. The movie should lead gamers on with recognizable pieces from the game plot and then suddenly throw a major shift in their around the halfway point to keep audiences guessing.


Don’t let them take the humor!

When it comes down to it–the secret knife assassinations, the swan dives, the creative back story– would be nothing without the humor in the game. Filler characters say some of the dumbest things and the interactions among main characters are often peppered with jokes and insults alike.

And then there’s this:


Ubisoft built a community of comradery in Assassin’s Creed:the Game. Without some humor in the movie, they’ll be up a dark alley without any concealed weapons to hold evil at bay.

Wish List Item

I want a origin story to the origin story.

Yeah, we know from the trailer that our main guy was on death row. But how did he get there? What brought him into his situation and the hands of resources? Show us some present/future action!

Chances of this happening? Ehh… I’d give it a solid 50/100 health points.

Assassin’s Creed:the Movie sneaks into theaters on December 21, 2016. Starring its own producer, the multi-talented Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Justin Kurzel directs. 

Adapt That would like to especially thank Kyle H. for his work on this post. 

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