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Miraculous Matilda: the Best of Both Worlds

Did you think Matilda the Musical was at the same low bar as Disney on Broadway? Think again.

BBC-PBS “Little Women” Adaptation Found the Key to Unlock Alcott’s ‘Castle in the Air’

Is the BBC-PBS adaptation of Alcott's "Little Women" the best one yet?

The Child in Time: Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Career-Changing Decision

Benedict Cumberbatch is changing his career-track! Have you heard the latest?

Star Wars the Legend: How Fans Create a New Galaxy of Adaptation

Could headcanons become...real?

The REAL Story of Ferdinand

Movie Mondays is back! In very cranky fashion.

Adapting ‘Murder’: A Ride Worth Making

Is a new iteration of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express as unnecessary as some critics seem to think?

Christopher Tolkien: The World is Changing

Heard the news everyone's talking about? New series, new era.

Half-Hiatus Notice

Greetings all, You may have noticed a sudden drop in content on our humble blog. After great consideration, Adapt That has decided that, due to the recent swinging of fortunes in our lives, we will be unable to continue writing... Continue Reading →

The Author-God: a Magic Tree House Movie and Creator Involvement

Are creators absolved of all wrongdoing if they adapt their own work?

Will the Brits Help PBS Do It Better? Anticipating the New “Little Women”

PBS is partnering with BBC to make a new adaptation of Little Women! Will this new attempt at a classic adaptation be more successful than their attempt at Anne of Green Gables? Adapt That reflects on the situation.

The Exodus Approach: How can you adapt a religious text?

What was Moses' life like in between infancy and oh, that time he killed someone? How does that idea influence an interpretation of the Biblical book of Exodus?

Wickham Wickedness: The Best Worst Wickhams from “Pride and Prejudice” Adaptations

We all have a favorite Mr. Darcy. But do you have a favorite Mr. Wickham? Read on to discover Adapt That's #1 Wickham out of eight "Pride and Prejudice" adaptations...

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